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To ensure quality results, JRK Flooring relies on many years of experience, integrity, and know-how. The choice to have a hardwood floor installed by JRK Flooring means the finest quality product at an exceptional value. We are proud to utilize quality, time-tested materials at a fraction of the cost. Providing the entire package means providing the necessary experience, value, and integrity — we are miles above our competition. We have been in this business for more than six years as the best hardwood floor refinishing company in Johnson Country and Jackson County. Being a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, we value honesty above everything and are dedicated to honoring our customers above anything else. To ensure that we can give our loyal clients a well-rounded service, we do more than just install hardwood floors; we also specialize in Kansas City hardwood floor repair and replacements as well as refinishing. We are well-educated and experienced in:


  • The sanding process
  • The refinishing process
  • Recoating a previously finished floor
  • Colorants
  • Repair and replacement
  • Sand and finish safety
  • Abrasives
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    How To Choose Your New Hardwood Floors

    We all have the best intentions when it comes to caring for our homes, but there is always the possibility of the unexpected. Thankfully, wood floors can sustain a lot of damage, making them a durable and cost-effective flooring option. We know we can rely on our wood floors, but there is still common damage that our wood floors undergo. Damage to wood floors can occur due to many factors:

    • A spill that didn’t get cleaned up quickly enough
    • You rearranged your living room, scratching up the wood floors
    • Termites have invaded your home and damaged your floors
    • There is a water leak that warped and stained your floors

    You’re not alone if you need to repair your wood floor — everyone with wood floors will need to schedule a repair at some point or another. If you believe your wood floor is in need of repair, then contact JRK Flooring today. We offer reliable service for all of your Kansas City hardwood floor repair needs. We  proudly serve the Kansas City Metro Area, as well as Belton, Blue Springs, Jefferson City, and more. View our Service Areas page for more cities that rely on us for wood floor restoration, installation, and refinishing. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Hardwood Floor Repair Company

    A Custom Approach to Hardwood Floor Repairs

    By nature, hardwood floor repair is about finding a solution to the problem at hand. Generally, hardwood floor repair must be taken on a case-by-case basis. Professional inspection is the key to properly diagnosing a flooring problem. JRK Flooring has had over 20 years of experience working with hardwood floors, so no one knows hardwood floors more than we do. Every hardwood floor is unique in its own finish, color, and style, and we continually educate ourselves to ensure that we stay certified and professional in all the wood floors we work with. Once we have identified the issue, we will create an effective solution before implementing the best plan of action to meet the needs of the home or business owner.

    We Offer Effective Solutions to Hardwood Flooring Issues, Such As:

    • Water Damage – The longer a hardwood floor stays wet, the less likely it is that you will be able to save it. The floorboards will begin to warp, even after drying properly. Water damage can present itself in many ways, like water cupping, which occurs when the sides of the floorboards curl up, rising above the center of the board; warping, which is more severe than cupping and occurs when the floorboards buckle or pull off the subfloor; mold, which occurs when floorboards have been wet for an excessive amount of time and is never taken care of.
    • Squeaky Floors – Squeaky floors are annoying, and can often motivate you to call JRK Flooring to have your floor repaired. Floors squeak when the weather get colder, making your floorboards shrink, thus creating gaps between the floorboards. When the weather shifts back to warm, the floorboards swell and rub together. When this occurs, you will usually be able to see movement. If your floor is squeaky in more than one area, there may be a problem with the subfloor, which would indicate that a larger inspection needs to be performed, as the subfloor may be of a poorer quality and even degraded. Finding the root cause of a squeaky floor can be difficult to solve, so call JRK for an inspection.
    • Termite Damage – Repairing termite damage can be a complicated process because they usually attach softer wood that is used in the subfloor, as well as supporting component beneath the visible flooring. Hardwood floors may show evidence of termite damage. But the evidence may not always be noticeable. Some key characteristics of termite damage can include squeaky floors, a hollow sound, and weakened floor joists. Since termites usually attack softer wood, there is less of a chance of termites attacking high-quality hardwood floors, which is the only kind of material that JRK uses.
    • Individual Floorboard Damage – Damage can sometimes be isolated to individual floorboards, making it, at times, an easier problem to address and fix. Problems to individual floorboards can be caused by a number of things, whether that be dents from heavy objects being dropped on the floorboard, scratching from moving furniture, or a floorboard that has been compromised by water damage.
    • Color Matching of Existing Floors – If you are considering a home improvement or hardwood floor replacement, you may be faced with the dilemma of trying to match your hardwood floor. It can be difficult to find the exact stain and style of the hardwood floor that already exists, so the best thing to do is call the professionals. While you may be able to get pretty close, the hardwood flooring experts at JRK will be able to get the job done flawlessly, thus restoring the integrity and look of your hardwood floors.
    • Refinishing High-Traffic Areas – High traffic in areas of your floor can wear and damage your floor over time. Further, foot traffic can damage your hardwood floor’s finish faster than other parts of your home. This leaves scratches, gouges, and stains on your otherwise beautiful floor. When we refinish your hardwood floor, relieving it from the telltale signs of traffic, your floor will be looking brand new and elegant.
    • Refinishing Areas With Direct Exposure to the Sun – Sunlight can, and does, damage hardwood floors more often than you may think. The ultraviolet rays can discolor your hardwood floor, resulting in bleaching and even corrosion of your floor. In addition to calling JRK for floor repair and refinishing, you can also try upgrading your windows to filter UV radiation and invest in high-quality window coverings. Further, carpets are a great way to protect your wood floor from sun damage and lots of other damage as well.
    JRK Hardwood Floor Repair

    Benefits of Repairing Your Hardwood Floor

    Maintaining the integrity of your floorboards is always a good idea, because just like any other appliance in your home, it will help improve the longevity and quality of your floor. You perform checkups with your car, you get your HVAC system maintenance, you ensure that your breaker box is in good condition so it will meet your needs, and you get your plumbing fixed when it begins to show problems. There is no excuse not to get your hardwood floor repaired, especially since it will contribute to the health, performance, and visual appearance of the floor. Hardwood floors are a worthwhile initial investment because they require less care than carpet or laminate flooring, provide better air quality, are durable, and can last for decades — but all of this depends on how you care for your floors!

    Your Local Hardwood Floor Refinishing Leaders in Johnson Country

    When it comes to Kansas City hardwood floor repair, you can trust JRK Flooring to exceed your expectations. We are proud to serve the hardwood flooring needs of the communities of Kansas City, Independence, Lee’s Summit, and Overland Park. Please give us a call today for all of your hardwood floor refinishing, repairing, and installation needs. We look forward to hearing from you!