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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Credentials (5)

Free Hardwood Floor Estimates

How many times have you had a negative experience from a contractor that you trusted? Well, unfortunately it is all too common in the construction industry. The hardwood flooring industry is affected by this blemish and there are many contractors out there that can be less than honest with their Kansas City clients. Fly-by-night companies, installers that are focused on money rather than customer experience and even inexperience can all yield less than satisfactory results. Nobody wants to be stuck with a hardwood floor that is not exactly what you want. Your hardwood floors are a focal point of your home and a major design feature, basically, they are the last thing that you want to look less than perfect. At JRK, we not only prioritize your hardwood floors as the best hardwood floor refinishers but also prioritize your experience. Give us a call for top quality & service in your next hardwood flooring company in Kansas City or the surrounding areas!

Free Hardwood Floor Estimates

Substandard Installation

At JRK Flooring, we want to see our clients and neighbors receive the best possible hardwood flooring services. This is why we are excited to offer exclusive consulting services for those who are unhappy with the way their hardwood flooring was installed, refinished or replaced. If you’re unsatisfied with your last hardwood flooring company in Kansas City, this service is for you! With this unique service, our certified inspector will take a good hard look at your hardwood floor and advise on the best course of action moving forward.


Survivor Hardwood Floor Evaluation

Our services consist of much more than evaluating a job that was not done correctly. There may be an occasion in which a hardwood floor has simply stood the test of time, the options from there are either replacement or refinishing/repair. Many times a consumer is advised by a sales professional to replace the floor, when it does not necessarily need replacement. Of course, many times this is not the sales person’s fault, a great majority of them do not have the hands-on experience to be able to determine if a refinish is even possible. Having a trusted hardwood floor refinishing contractor like JRK Flooring evaluate the condition of your hardwood floor is critical if you want to save money. Many times a floor that does not seem salvageable is only in need of a little TLC, saving hundreds on replacement and the inconvenience of tearing up the old floor.

Survivor Hardwood Floor Evaluation

Hardwood Hiding Under Carpet?

Do you suspect that your blue shag carpeting is hiding a gorgeous hardwood floor? If you live in a historic home here in Kansas City you may be surprised to know, it is quite possible that beneath that carpet is a hardwood floor. Historic homes benefit from the retention of the original flooring if possible and contacting JRK Flooring for a consultation is the best way to determine the proper direction for the floor.

Hardwood Hiding Under Carpet

Kansas City’s Ultimate Hardwood Floor Consulting

Backed by years of experience, the experts at JRK Flooring will evaluate your hardwood floor and provide you with a fair estimate for either refinishing or replacement. If you are not satisfied with the work another contractor has done on your hardwood floors we can help. For unbeatable service in your next hardwood flooring company in Kansas City or the surrounding areas, please contact us today for more information about our consulting services. We look forward to speaking with you and thank you for your business.