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Products We Use

JRK Flooring uses only the finest products for refinishing, replacement and installation of our hardwood floors. Our excellence has been proven with satisfied clients all over the Kansas City area. For the best wood floor refinishing, Kansas City area homeowners count on us to use the finest products to produce amazing results. This is due to the fact that we are not only extremely skilled in the art of hardwood flooring, but we use the best performing products on the market.

Products We use

DuraSeal® Stain/First Coat

Generally, for staining, we use a product called DuraSeal® Quick Coat, DuraSeal is ideal for our climate and produces excellent results. This quick drying stain has an extremely wide variety of color options and produces an exceptional result. In as little as two hours, depending on conditions, your floor could be ready for an application of a finish coat. Of course, after the first coat of DuraSeal® Quick Coat we prepare the surface for the finish coat in order to provide the best final result possible.

Bona® Final Coat

The final coat on a hardwood floor is generally a protective coating. For this critical step we use professional quality, Bona® Woodline Polyurethane. It is extremely important to apply finish to the floor as this will ensure the floor is properly protected for years to come. The application process can be extensive but the added time is well worth it, particularly when utilizing a high quality polyurethane. Of course some would rather have a water based finishes and for that application we use a Bona® Waterborne products.

Bona Final Coat

Pallmann® Finish Products

In an effort to diversify our offerings we have been utilizing Pallmann® brand finishes and Magic Oil with excellent results. Depending on the floor, different products deliver different results. It is with many years of experience that allows the professionals at JRK Flooring to know exactly which product will perform the best on your floor.

Pallmann Finish Products

Expert Craftsmanship

All of the products we use have been tested by us with exceptional results. That being said the best products in the world are worth very little if the preparation and application is done incorrectly. At JRK Flooring, we have the skill and the know-how to make your hardwood floor installation, repair or refinishing project, truly a thing of beauty. Quality is important, so for the best wood floor refinishing, Kansas City area homeowners have relied on JRK Flooring for over a decade. Contact us today for specials, financing, and more information about what we can do for your hardwood floors. Upgrade your home with JRK Flooring.    

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