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JRK Flooring uses only the finest products for wood floor care, refinishing, replacement, and installation. We have specially selected them after years of experience and only use products that allow us to produce optimal results. At JRK Flooring, we believe these products are the best on the market.   

Products We UseHardwood Floor Cleaner We Recommend

Bona® hardwood floor cleaners are water-based and gentle, removing dirt and grime, so only your floor’s natural beauty is left behind. You can find Bona® products at nearly any retailer. They come in a variety of scents, formulations, and bottle sizes, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Because we count on quality Bona® products during the hardwood floor finishing process, we recommend their cleaners to our clients to keep their floors looking their best.

You’ll find a lot of advice on the internet about the best ways to clean hardwood floors. However, we do not advise using ammonia, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or bleach cleaners, which can degrade the finish on your floors and lead to damage. We also recommend avoiding extremely wet mopping or steam mops, which can cause water damage in your home.

Products We use

Hardwood Floor Stain and First Coat

When we stain our clients’ hardwood floors, we use commercial products formulated for durability and longevity. These products are ideal for use in Kansas City’s climate and produce excellent results.

Our stains come in a variety of colors and dry quickly. In as little as two hours, depending on conditions, your floor could be ready for an application of finish coat – after we prepare the surface for it to provide the best final result possible, of course.

Wood Floor Sealer

The final coat on a hardwood floor is meant for protection and takes time to apply to perfection. For this critical wood floor sealer step, we use professional quality Bona® Woodline Polyurethane. This is an oil-based product that helps to ensure the long life of the floor. For clients who prefer a water-based finish, we use Bona® Waterborne products.

Bona Final Coat

Finishing Products for Hardwood Floors

Different finishing products produce different results, depending on the flooring. We use Pallmann® brand finishes and Magic Oil with great success.

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